Bodies and Femininity

I made an appointment with my gynecologist today. I’m two months overdue for my yearly exam. This is better than being a year overdue for my annual, which I have definitely done in the past. I’m a sexually active 28-year-old woman with an IUD implanted above my cervix – I should NOT be skipping my annual.

I find it really true that your body is an ecosystem where things effect each other.

I have acid reflux. I’ve noticed bad acid days are also bad asthma days. I’ve also noticed that depression and asthma correlate. (My asthma specialist told me once that regular vitamin D should help my asthma overall and vitamin D deficiency has also been found a corollary with depression.) If I eat corn I feel over-full and have trouble breathing. Every time I’ve been on birth control pills my stomach issues increase and so does my likelihood of depression. My asthma medication increases my acid reflux issues significantly.

I have been getting my “period” more heavily and regularly in the last few months than I had previously. I think I may be past the expiration date of my IUD but am not sure. Anyway this cycle I started having serious stomach and breathing issues. I haven’t really been eating for about 5 days now. I have been making fresh kale/spinach/apple/lemon juice and drinking that for fuel.

It’s amazing how much a person can ignore their own body and the messages it sends. If you’re at the point where you basically can’t eat anything, that’s way beyond a warning sign. I’m not sure why I ignore whatever is going on with my body instead of going to the doctor to check stuff out. Even though it’s terrifying to learn about friends who are getting MRIs and other diagnostic exams to search for the elusive cause for whatever is ailing them, I want my friends to know what’s wrong because if they know, they can fix it or ameliorate it or learn to cope properly. It’s better to know. So thank you, friends, for taking care of yourselves and listening to what your body is saying.


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