Change of Plans – No PCT 2016

PLP (Platonic Life Partner) found out today that the Navy is going to hold onto her for a little longer than expected, so we’re not able to embark on the PCT in April.

She suggested we could do a section and I countered with this: What if we save the PCT and do the whole thing some other year? Why don’t we do a big section of the AT instead, because that’s a trail better suited to section-hiking and one I was planning to hike in sections anyway.

Naturally this big change happened literally the day after my blog post announcing to the world that I’m doing the PCT this year.

So, new plan: in June/July, we’re going to do a large AT section. Or maybe several different AT sections. Who knows? We haven’t started planning yet.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.24.56 AM

I love this part! I’m sitting here with my Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker’s Companion guide, published by the ALDHA and which is similar to Yogi’s PCT Guide but is organized more like a Frommer’s. I’m looking forward to choosing what sections we do, and we’re thinking we’ll probably do the more northern parts. If we do some in NY I’m hoping my NYC Hammockers might join us for a section!

2015-09-22 09.50.56


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