PCT Prep: Step 1 (Food!)

I’m pctmaphiking the Pacific Crest Trail next year with my adventure buddy, a.k.a. Platonic Life Partner.

The PCT is 2658.9 miles long (2015 mileage). It begins at the California-Mexico border near the tiny town of Campo, California, and it ends in Manning Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada.” – Jackie McDonnell, Yogi’s Pacific Crest Trail Handbook 2015-2016

This handbook has been my bible. Yogi and several others contribute their own stories and experiences of hiking the trail and they offer advice and a bunch of great general knowledge. It has tear-out pages in the back for each section that tell you distances, resupply options, post office information, etc. I’ve also been reading various people’s blogs that have hiked the PCT in previous years.

You start hiking in April after attending the ADZPCTKO (Annual Day Zero PCT Kick-Off!) and I expect to be done sometime in September. That is a LONG time.

So I’m starting to think about my gear (do PLP and I bring two stoves or just one?, can I do it in my hammock?, is this a good excuse for the awesome new Osprey pack?, etc) and, more importantly, FOOD. Because 2658.9 miles at roughly 25 miles a day means over 100 days of food that I need to plan, cook, dehydrate, and mail to myself. Because unlike normal people who can buy stuff in town, I have ridiculous dietary restrictions and will have to resupply via mail drop. (Also, prescription medication, yay.)

So I’m digging through my favorite recipes and trying to find meals that might dehydrate and rehydrate into something palatable. The problem is that the trail meal standards of chili, mac and cheese, beef stroganoff, lasagne, etc are all stuffed full of ingredients that will make me sick. I’m using the advice given on this page on thru-hiker.com to try and get enough of the right nutrients.

So, sorry everybody who follows my blog and has absolutely no interest in the following: backpacking, cooking, food dehydration, recipes, the PCT, and all the things that go along with that, since that’s pretty much all I can talk about these days.

Here’s a picture of my morning coffee at Ozo Coffee in downtown Boulder, where I’m blogging from this morning.

One thought on “PCT Prep: Step 1 (Food!)

  1. Good luck!! Reading this reminded me of my own prepping for the AT, although I didn’t have any dietary restrictions so I didn’t have quite as much planning to do. I hope you enjoy every step!

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