Retiring from Theatre

I sent an e-mail with that subject line to a group of colleagues in the Biz.

These are the responses from the men:

  • Booooooooo, I say.  BOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • This is like the worst news ever! :^/
    You know you’re kidding yourself. It’s the other job you need to retire from.

These are the responses from the women:

  • Sorry to hear that I won’t get to work with you in the future, but so appreciate that you have to make these kind of hard life decisions.  Is grad school out at this point?
    Hoping this is a positive, happy shift in your life!
  • I’m glad that work is going well and that you are loving it enough to do it.  Yes it will be a bummer to many people, but ultimately it is what you want.  Good for you!
  • Girl, you do what makes you happy and all the best!
    I know we’ll see each other, regardless.

I found that interesting. I pretty much have nothing else to say on the subject.

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