the 4th

Sometimes I hate this holiday. I think it’s my least favorite of all holidays. Not because I have a problem with what it stands for – winning our independence as a nation from GB who was ruling us from afar – but because of how people celebrate it, I guess?
Mostly I hate fireworks. I hate that my neighbors set them off for a week before and a week after the holiday. I hate that every year somebody sets a fire that gets out of control because they ignore fire danger and laws and common sense and they set off fireworks somewhere they shouldn’t. I hate that I have to keep the cats inside at night for fear they’ll get burned by some kid making a stupid choice. I hate that every town hosts a huge fireworks display that pollutes the air.

On the other hand, if I owned a boat and spent this holiday on a lake with friends and family, drinking all day? I’d probably like it a whole lot more.

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