Yesterday afternoon The Boyfriend and I officially broke up. It was quite painless.

I called him from Montana 3 weeks ago and said, “I’ve been gone for 2 days and it hasn’t occurred to me to call you or let you know how my trip is going. That really hit me and I think it says a lot about where our relationship is.” I said, “It feels like we’re roommates.” He said, “We can’t really do anything about this until I get back from tour,” and I said, “I know, I just wanted to tell you this while it’s fresh on my mind.”

He came over yesterday (after spending the night and day at his parents’ house) and said that I was right, that he likes me but right now he doesn’t like himself and he wants to take time to know who he is, and have control of his life. He got a storage unit and will be moving most of his stuff tomorrow.

Last night’s One Act was very topical for me – it dealt with relationship issues and happiness and how you decide to be with somebody or leave somebody.

I went out to the Boulder Cafe and had drinks with two guys from one of my venues last night. I only work there once a month at most – and usually it’s less often than that – but there are some people there I really like and it was nice to hang out with those guys. One of them’s always great to talk to; last night we discussed the logic behind introversion, having a few best friends, running non-profits like for-profit entities, and the capitalism of things like healthcare and law enforcement, among others. Mostly we agree with each other about the state of things and how we think they should be improved. I really like his wife, too, though she didn’t come out with us last night. It’s her birthday today so she was saving up her party energy.

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