There are places besides Boulder

I’ve gotten to vacation a lot in the past 2 years. Maybe because I’ve been working for Soundwall and Sven is very flexible and overly kind about letting me disappear for a while. Anyway I got to see one of my best friends out in NYC around New Year, and I’ve finally made it out to visit my family in Southern California for the first time in almost 3 years. Yikes. The kids have gotten huge!

IMG_9621 copy

This trip actually started with me driving to Montana and back – it’s a bit of a long story but one of my best friends was home on leave from the Navy for a few days and then she and her boyfriend and their dog were headed home to Montana and I tagged along so she wouldn’t have to drive home by herself, and so I could leave my car with her sister since we took the Yukon on our trip. Her cousin actually came with us, too, since he happened to have the week off and had never seen Yellowstone. I took some amazing pictures with her camera that may turn into Soundwalls. I’ve been thinking lots about purchasing my own high-quality digital camera and have been looking on craiglist for a good deal. Especially because, and here’s the big news:

I’ve decided to attend graduate school. I’m pretty set on achieving an Integrated Media degree. UT Austin has one. CalArts has one that’s a supplement to your theatre (or whatever) MFA. So I’m applying for Fall ’15 by attending URTAs. (Interesting fact: if you decide in March that you’re going next year, you have a LONG time to wait until they update their website.) I loved doing Bob’s job so much this year that I realized I could be happy doing it for the rest of my life. Of course I’m not actually qualified to do it right now, as I’m not familiar enough with the technology or strong enough as a designer to run a program or teach classes. I want to emphasize in lighting design and get to know the sound and video technology. I also really want to take theatre history classes because I think I could teach Dev 1 and Dev 2 better than the woman who’s teaching them at CU right now. I find those interesting and could totally teach a lecture class. In theory in the future I could teach an intro to lighting design course, and have practicum students who would learn the technology while working with it hands-on.

So here’s hoping I get into grad school with my shitty design portfolio. Since I don’t really have any actual training and have been making it up as I go along! (Shh, don’t tell all the people who keep hiring me.)


But as I was in LA visiting some dear friends, and they told me they’re starting a theatre company and doing a show in September, I started thinking… If I’m moving away in Fall of ’15, is there any good reason to stay until then? What if I were to move to LA for this show and just stay there until I figure out grad school? I’m already planning to keep and rent out my place for the 3 years of grad school, so why not do it earlier? Honestly, the one thing I’m waiting on is to hear from CU whether they want me to be their PSM for the dance department this fall – which they’ve talked to me about unofficially but they need to find some budget and make some decisions. If they want me, I’ll stay. If they don’t…. I’d have to come home for Santaland and Hysteria, but I could stay with my mom during that time. The one problem is the cats, and I’d have to make some hard decisions. Penny and Ianto are so close I was thinking I’d ask The Maybe-Ex Boyfriend if he could keep her for a year and I’d take her back for grad school. Harley I think would be happier with me – but if I’m bringing one cat I might as well bring both cats, so that doesn’t really make sense. She could probably live with mom for the year (maybe – she’d probably harass Mingus, Basie, and Tiny, and teach them how to get over the fence). Decisions, decisions. Maybe my brother could take her.

I have a long list of home improvement things I need to do – including replace that faulty fuse box – and have asked some people who used to work for/with me at CU if they could come on weekends and help me out. It’s a lot of things like patching holes and touching up paint, and I want to go through all the stuff I have in the basement and get rid of things I no longer need/want.


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