Dance and Things

We made it through our first show! Then 4 days later had our run-through for the next show, and it’s now 7 days after that and we go into tech tomorrow. Tight schedule? Seriously. It’s been interesting, and I’m not sure how they decided on the calendar. The thing is that next year looks similar – I don’t know if it’s been finalized already or if I have any input.

Yes, we took down the wings and hung white fabric on the walls. And for the middle piece, we hung a bunch of jars and had two floor projectors and 3 in the air. Why go easy for the first show?

I really enjoyed working with CmW on this last show, and we’re both amused by the fact that we are both applying for the full-time TD job and think it’s unfortunate that we like each other. ūüôā I’m already signed on to TD BJDW this summer and will LD the student show, which I’m really looking forward to.

I actually have quite a bit going on this semester. Over spring break I’m going on a tiny tour to CB with FFP¬†as their LD/SM, plus I have a few weekend things at one of my venues. It’s nice to be dance-busy, which I guess is what happens when you aren’t booked a year in advance doing stage plays. Or maybe it happens when you take on the dance TD job at a University.

So things are pretty good; I don’t feel too terribly overwhelmed, though I do keep thinking, “What could I teach?” They’re going to ask me that question at my interview – I assume I’ll be brought in for an interview since they’ve called my references and I’m here, now, doing part of the job. Also I really think that the faculty¬†are seeing my work and how committed I am to improving the department and the theatre/dance relationship over the divide. So help: what could I teach?¬†Former Roomie¬†said I could teach an intro to theatre class, or stage tech. Plus I’d be happy to guest speak in stage management or theatre management class. (I could probably teach stage management class except that someone’s already¬†all over that one and is way more experienced than I am.) I could probably even teach a class like Conceptualization, because the way Lazy Teacher¬†taught it was a total joke and he probably wouldn’t mind handing it over. But I definitely am not a helpful addition to the dance faculty as a teacher.

Actually I guess that’s quite a few things I’d be able to take on and with Jason teaching lighting and projections design classes that are design-oriented, not theatre-oriented, it’s not like it would be a problem that I wouldn’t be able to teach a higher level design class. Plus I could do Dance Production, the class JP is teaching this semester, and all the practicums wouldn’t be a problem.


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