Colorado Gives Day

Okay here’s the thing: maybe I’m a jerk, but I started getting e-mails about Colorado Gives Day LAST MONDAY, which is more than a week before the date in question. 

So no, I’m not donating to anybody this year. Last year I actually donated to several companies; I got online and checked my e-mail and my facebook feed, paged through the website, and chose who I was donating to. This year I feel overwhelmed and pestered, and I ALWAYS shut down and use avoidance as a tactic when somebody is bothering me about something. Granted, they’re from 11 different companies, but I still got 22 e-mails in the past week about it. 

Between that and the upcoming car repairs ($350 part, and I don’t know yet how much labor is going to be) and the holiday season looking to be hard on my bank account – I’m an asshole who isn’t donating to my friends this year.


Or maybe I will, now that I’m thinking about it and in front of a computer. I have $308 in my bank account and a few days before my health insurance payment goes through. If you’re so inclined, the site is: 



OK that’s annoying. I had several items in my cart, I was logged in (had to reset my password first) and then I had to go run a show, and when I came back, all the items in my cart were gone. Now I can’t remember who I was donating to. Makes me not want to….

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