Show Excitement!

I was sitting in a production meeting this afternoon when I got a phone call from my production manager/lighting & sound designer – which I ignored, until he sent me a message on G-Chat saying “we have a bit of an emergency.” I excused myself from the meeting and called him back.

Which is when I learned that we received a Cease and Desist Order today from the publisher of the play I’m currently running. We’d updated a few parts of the script to be more relevant – which was mentioned in a review, which came to the publisher’s attention, and they insisted that we go back to the original scripted version. This, of course, is entirely in their rights and we ought not to have changed it to begin with – but it was a gamble, and it sadly failed.

The original version is NOT AS FUNNY. 😦

Anyway, Actor talked with Director at 5, then spent his next hour re-memorizing the lines. I loaded a new sound cue into QLab for one transition, and adjusted the light cues accordingly. Designer is going to come look at it tomorrow but we’ll at least make it through tonight with the new text.

So fun!



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