Thanksgiving was a hit!

The turkey (which was GIANT, as I purchased it at Costco. 22 freaking pounds, the monster) was done EARLY, but everybody came over just in time for The Boyfriend to play host and get everybody something to drink, The Boyfriend’s Mom to serve these delicious appetizer meatballs, and everyone to get a little hungry while the sides finished cooking – all at the same time! (Mostly.)

The Boyfriend had a nice chat with Grandma, there were enough chairs to go around, we killed an entire pumpkin pie (good thing I made 2!) and there were several bottles of wine left over when everybody left.


Turkey (roasted for 30 minutes at 425 a la Alton Brown, then at 350 for several hours)

Brussels Sprouts (tossed in olive oil, salt, and pepper, and shoved in the oven for 30 minutes. Usually I do 400* for 15 minutes because I like them crispy, but alas everything else wanted 350)

Stuffing (The Boyfriend’s Mom made deliciousness from a Rudi’s Bakery gluten-free mix)

Green Bean Casserole (which the boyfriend made with quinoa, then asked me to look at. I told him it wasn’t a casserole, then layered it in a dish with additional green beans and some vegetable broth in the bottom to steam it while it cooked)

Mashed Potatoes (which I can’t eat, but kept tasting while I made it, and I’m pretty sure I ate too much because I didn’t feel particularly well)

Coconut Carrot Mash (which was delicious)

Turmeric Sweet Potatoes (which I’ve made before and are amazing)

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Pumpkin Pie (which I made using the roll-out Pillsbury GF crust that comes in a plastic container)

The Boyfriend was really helpful with cleaning and things ahead of time – if I asked him specifically to perform certain tasks, like vacuuming. Then asked him to also vacuum the cat tree and all the chairs. Now, I’m entirely capable of asking people to do things for me – I wouldn’t be a good stage manager if I wasn’t – but it makes me feel like he’s my ASM and it’s tech week. We talked about this a little bit, and he told me that it feels like it’s still my house and he’s afraid to take initiative and do something because – what if he does it wrong?? I definitely understand this: there are little tricks for every task, and everybody does things differently. For example, vacuuming the chairs and the cat tree is kind of a weird thing, but it keeps down on the dander and keeps hair off peoples’ clothes. Nobody would think to do that on their own, hence the specific instructions. Plus he’s still learning where dishes go, etc.

But I told him he can always empty the dishwasher, take out the trash, and take out the recycling without checking in with me. And that he can make an effort to take ALL the dishes into the kitchen and put them INTO the dishwasher.


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