It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

2013-11-04 18.51.48

Seriously, we just had our final Santaland Diaries production meeting. We start rehearsals on Monday 11/18, take Thanksgiving off, and dry tech 11/22. We open 11/30 (So. Much. Tech!! The last few shows I’ve done we’ve loaded in Monday and performed Friday.)

The thing is that I have gotten really, really good at those sprint shows. You know, festivals. I think it comes from my dance experience – even on the shows where there’s a longer process, it was still a quick turn-around. Also I’d learn the show off the video from the run-thru, and everything would be different for tech. I’ve also sort of made it my business in the past few years; I get called in to stage manage ATLAS shows several times a year, and I love it. It’s a week-long commitment for me. I see a run, we rush through the tech process and it’s crazy and I’m trying to help the poor this-is-my-first-show-and-it’s-my-thesis MFA or BFA student wrangle their cast and all of the I’m-the-only-one-who-knows-about-this tech/costume/choreography stuff. And then it’s over and people say, “I can’t believe you learned it that fast” and “It wouldn’t have happened without you.” I think I’ve gotten really adept at keeping my cool, watching the clock, and talking down those crazed MFA/BFA students and helping them stay as calm and sane as possible.  (I was SO not always like that. The me of now is ashamed of the me of 5 years ago. Interestingly, I think I can attribute most of my awareness of “what is my energy saying right now?” and the ability to adjust to the 16 months I spent at the restaurant. Nicole was an amazing boss.)

So I’m excited for my first theatrical show of the season. That’s right, that’s what I said. In September I was a Boulder Fringe Venue Tech Manager, then I did a one-night-only engagement of a Fringe show from a different venue but which I’d helped tech, and then I did an MFA thesis project in ATLAS that opened and closed about a week ago

I’m RIDICULOUSLY excited for the spring semester, because that’s when I take over as tech director for the Irey at the CU Theatre and Dance building. BECAUSE I’M A ROCK STAR and they hired me to do it! (Although, awkwardly, one of the guys who I went to school with, and graduated with the same degree as, at the same time, works for Bob and therefore will work for me next semester. It’s not weird, is it?) Anyway on Friday we had our first production meeting for the first show (which is beginning of February) and I think it went well! (Of course, production meetings are pretty breezy. The hard part is going to be implementation of all the stuff I promised the choreographers!)



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