Dinner: Gluten-Free Vegan Mac n’ “Cheese”

Major thanks to Angela at Oh She Glows for this recipe! http://ohsheglows.com/2011/10/03/butternut-squash-mac-n-cheeze/

The Boyfriend loved it. “Wait, there’s no cheese in this?” he said. SCORE! (He needs to eat less dairy. It upsets his stomach but he likes it; well, he doesn’t have to sleep in a room with him after he eats half a pizza!)

We polished off the entire pot between the two of us. So much for “4 servings.” Next time I want to double the recipe so we can take leftovers for lunch the next day! And I’m definitely making this again.

I managed to find a 1.5 lb Butternut Squash at the grocery store, and used the entire thing in this recipe for a little over 1 cup once the chunks were roasted.

It was a little strong on the mustard flavor for my personal preference, which is probably because I only had Country Dijon instead of the regular stuff. So I’ll go light on that next time.

I don’t own garlic or onion powder, but I bought some garlic salt and shook a little of that into the sauce (probably 1 tsp worth, I didn’t measure) in lieu of those ingredients. Plus added a bit more Nooch.

I tried a new brand of rice pasta yesterday – DeBoles Rice Spirals. They were on sale so I bought those, plus some Rice+Flax Spirals that I’ll try next time and see which I like better. They were good; I kept a careful eye on them so I wouldn’t overcook the noodles, and they turned out a really nice texture and flavor. The package is 8oz which was perfect for this recipe – though again, I wanted more!


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