with friends

So L’s probably going to move in with me for a few months before she ships off to Navy Basic. She wants to be near her family for the holidays but not actually live with them. She’d been planning just to move back home for the few months but that didn’t pan out because apparently her mom was driving her nuts during the week she was home last.

Anyway should be fun! I’m pretty much never gonna be home though. In Santaland rehearsals/performances the entire time she’s here. The cats are going to love having Rossi around again. (Not.)

She’s trying to get me to come hang out with her in Montana for Halloween – we talked about this in March when we were in Disney. It went sort of like, “We should be Disney princesses and go out this Halloween!” But as far as I know she’s homeless and living in her truck – which in October in Montana is going to be cold. Unless she’s staying with her friend – on their couch. So we’ll see.

Face was in town this week lighting BETC’s show. She left this morning but we got two nights of drinks at the Baker St, which was nice. It was good to catch up with her! I just saw her for the wedding a month ago but we didn’t really get much hangout time, obviously. I want to visit her and the PhilBot again; I always have a fun and relaxing time staying with them in Austin.

I also want to go see V in New York – but not sure when that’s going to happen as I look at my schedule. Perhaps the first week of January before school starts up. I have that free ticket from United I need to use! Plus that should be a really pretty time to be in the city. And it’s ridiculous that I haven’t gone to visit her yet and she’s lived there for YEARS. I don’t know what it is about NYC but I feel like I have to plan my trip out way in advance. Maybe because you actually have to fly there. And I want enough money to go out for a nice dinner and a show. And for her to have that, too, so we can go together! Which takes planning and saving. Whereas when I visit L, or go on vacation with her, she tells me when I’m doing it and I just show up 🙂 Or I call her from Wyoming. And with Face and PhilBot it’s been pretty impromptu, as well. Plan it out two days in advance. Guess that says something about me. Planning a vacation is tough, and scary. What if things change and I can’t go? Anyway, scary.


One thought on “with friends

  1. I think the problem with trying to improv a vacation in NYC is that there is TOO MUCH to do. You might get distracted by something cool that jumps into your face on the street (a lot like the crazy lady this afternoon who wanted to follow me home & sleep on my couch) and forget to do something big that takes planning. The touristy things require tickets booked weeks in advance and the lines are always shocking.

    My advice for when you come out to see me (note: “when” not “if”) is plan a few touristy things, Statue of Liberty or Ground Zero, and then leave room for improv. We are going to have a KILLER time. But uh … bring extra layers, especially warm socks, because the humidity is the real killer.

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