Boulder Fringe 2013

This has been an interesting Fringe festival. I’m running the East Theatre at the Dairy, which is the busiest venue. I have 5 1-person shows, a clown troupe, and a dance company. Naturally the larger groups are a little more stressful with load-in and load-out.

The dance group was a little tricky because I really like them and I’ve designed for them before, so they’re used to me as a full-fledged technician working solely for them. So they have needs that are a little above and beyond the call of a Fringe technician – I helped them hang and remove their screen every night because they just couldn’t do it themselves quickly enough for me to get the next group in. Plus I have a hard time watching people do things inefficiently when I know I can do it better. (Which I know and accept about myself. Sheepishly. Baa.)

It cracked me up the other day when one of the directors asked me after the show, “I don’t know how much attention you pay, but did you like the changed ending?” Yeah, I was playing Candy Crush Saga on my phone. Let’s make this clear: I listen for cue lines on every show I do, whether it’s the Fringe or a full-fledged production. I don’t watch them. This is for a couple of reasons. 1) If I’m watching and it’s an interesting show, I get caught up in the story and totally miss cues. 2) With very few exceptions, your show is boring when I’ve seen it several times already. 3) I’m sitting here all day; if I watched all the shows I’d be a zombie. I have to do something else to keep my brain active, otherwise I zone out while “watching” and again, miss cues. That’s not to say I can’t miss cues when I’m playing games on my phone. Just that it happens so rarely, nobody has any idea I’m playing games unless they’re in the booth watching me.

But I’ve been at the Dairy every day since last Monday. Tomorrow is my last day, which is day 13 in a row. I’m exhausted. The Boyfriend and I finally had some time to spend together while we were actually both awake… and we spent it sleeping until 10. I think that was 10 hours, though I’m not entirely sure when we fell asleep. But then we spent the morning cuddling on the couch watching The Emperor’s New Groove; this relationship is working for me so far, as there was immediate consensus about the movie choice.

Hot Groomsman from Rachel and Phil’s wedding was just in a music video with his band. Here it is:


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